how to get rid of ringworms

how do you get rid of ringworms

How to get rid of ringworms can be a challenging task especially When you have pre-school or school children. This group are prone to fungal infection because of the mode transmission which mainly occurs through contact While this may sound impossible it is not. How to get rid of ringworms starts with correct diagnosis followed by patient compliance to the treatment regime.

Ringworms have nothing to do with worms, In other words ringworms is a topical fungal infection. This dermatophyte infection normally occurs on the scalp but can be present on other parts of the body. Ringworms treatment focuses either on the use creams,lotion,ointments and oral preparations. Topicals provides symptomatic relief and impede fungal growth to assist the immune system in fighting ringworms.Oral medication can be used but considered correct diagnosis and long term systematic effects because of the drugs in use.

how do you get rid of ringworms fast

Getting rid of ringworms fast can be doubtful but due to the topical nature of ringworms symptomatic relieve can occur within 5days.This also depend on the type of topical application one uses and the duration of the infection. Symptomatic relieve include itching, reduce the ring shaped rashes and relieve from red, scaly and broken skin. To get rid of ringworms fast there are selected prescription and non prescription medicine for ringworms. Choosing can be difficult check with your pharmacist or doctor for further advice.

best creams to get rid of ringworms fast

  • luliconazole cream

To get rid of ringworms fast use this cream for faster results, it works by killing the fungus that causes ringworms. Please note that this product may need a prescription depending on which country you are in. Results are normally visible after a week of use and price wise this product is relatively cheap compared to other trademark protected products. Make sure you wash the affected with either warm or cold water. Dry the using your own towel apply a thin film sparingly every 12hours and make sure you wash you hands after application

  • miconazole cream

      Miconazole belong to the same family as luliconazole called imidazole’s just like luliconazole it prevents fungus that causes ringworms .Miconazole comes is cream though there are also available in gel form. This cream gets of symptoms fast in a span of 1-2weeks.You may need to provide a prescription but depending on the country you are residue in. Don’t use the cream on children unless the doctors overseas the benefits over side effects. Miconazole comes is a trademark product called daktarin cream and generics with the generic name miconazole.

      • fluconazole cream

      topical fluconazole is used for ringworms treatment and management. Symptomatic relieve appears between 7-14 days of application one to twice daily on affected areas. You can we walk in a pharmacy and ask for this though at times you may need a prescription. With 0.2 % of fluconazole care should be taken when using this gel if you have history of cancer, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), irregular heartbeat, heart, kidney or liver disease, alcoholism, any allergy, who are taking other medications, elderly, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

      • ketoconazole cream

      apply this cream once or twice daily on affected areas. Treatment may take up to 6weeks and can used on the face to get rid of ringworms. While this is very infective in kill fungus and yeast it may cause irritation or stinging on place of application

      best shampoo to scalp ringworms infection

      shampoo should provide an option for those not compliant with either orals or topicals treatment regime. Another point to note is that shampoo are recommended for use in children. When using these shampoos wet the hair and scalp thoroughly with water. Apply sufficient shampoo to wash the scalp and hair and lather well. Gently massage it over the entire scalp and for 3-5minutes then rinse thoroughly. Repeat this process twice weekly followed by once weekly as maintenance therapy or consult physician

      • keto plus shampoo

      this shampoo has 2% ketoconazole and 1% zinc. Ketoconazole reduce inflammation and helps in relieve scaling and pruritus on the other hand zinc is a kills fungus.

      • nizoral shampoo

      containing only 1% ketoconazole this 200ml shampoo performs the same function as keto plus shampoo.

      do I need oral medicine for ringworm

      Oral medicine means drugs taken by mouth for ringworm infections. If topical medication does work combination of oral medicine and topical is normally advice. Sometimes the site of infection may not be appropriate for the use of creams and that’s when oral medicine for ringworm are handy. Care should be taken when deciding on this. Parameters like correct diagnosis, history of allergic reaction, cost and overall systemic toxicity associated with oral medication. Always consult your physician or pharmacist because this medication are given under prescription.

      • ketoconazole tablets

      available in tablet forms of 200mg per tablet in strength. its used under a physician or a pharmacist on watch this medicine is given when topical medicine does not work or may be combined together dosage guidelines are provide according to age, weight, allergic reaction and not forgetting correct diagnosis

          • terbinafine tablets

            This tablets come in 125mg and 250mg in strength per tablet. With several generic and trademark protected brands terbinafine is available in a pharmacy near you but you may require a prescription

            • Griseofulvin tablets

              Only prescribed by physician or pharmacist for fungal infection including ringworms. Its available in 125mg,250mg and 500mg,this doses are divided depending on age, weight and severity of infection. Doses may take up to 6weeks of use. When taking Griseofulvin take it with milk, cheese and other fatty food to increase absorption in the stomach. Combine this with topical products to increase chances of healing and reduce likelihood of re-infection

              what pediatric ringworm medication are available

              pre school and school children are considered more susceptible to ringworms . This is because they come in contact more often with pets which are host of ringworms. Social distancing can be a challenge at school where they may get in contact with others who have ringworms. To reduce ringworm infection in kids special shampoos are available and may reduce chance of cross infections and are easy to use. This shampoos include

                  alternatives to shampoo in pediatrics are oral medication which are given under prescriptions. Oral medication may require physical adjustment of the doses which you can assisted by a physician or pharmacist.

                  1. griseofulvin tablets
                  2. ketoconazole tablets
                        • terbinafine tablets
                          antifungal steroid combination cream brand name used for ringworm

                          Combination in this creams can be quite effective for ringworms treatment. Normally a combination of an antifungal, steroid and an antibacterial can be found in one cream. Care should be taken because one may react to one of combination medicine. These creams are relatively cheap and readily available. While some may not require a prescription be sure to ask your pharmacist or physician more about these combination. Examples include

                          • Panderm cream combination of neomycin ,triamcinolone, gramicidin and nystatin
                          • Beclomin ointment combination of neomycin, beclomethasone and miconazole
                          • candid b cream combination of clotrimazole and betamethasone
                          • Funbact A cream combination of neomycin, betamethasone and clotrimazole
                          • Clozole b combination of betamethasone and clotrimazole

                          Getting rid of ringworm permanently requires strict medication compliance because most of the re infection is caused by not following the prescription. You can get rid of ringworms within a week but that’s just symptomatic relieve most treatment may last up to 6weeks and this can be challenging. Consult before starting any course ringworm medication because this will be vital in eradicating ringworm at home. Thanks for reading

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